İyi Düşünün / Think well

(Look into comment for English text.)

“Roots of hope”, Shiloh Sophia

Nalan & Nico “Mutlu Yıllar” Diler…

Can Dündar’ın nefis kaleminden, Selçuk Yöntem’in etkileyici sesinden…

İyi Düşünün

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1 Response to İyi Düşünün / Think well

  1. nalan&nico says:

    Nalan & Nico Wishes a “Happy New Year”

    A wonderful poem, written by Can Dündar, vocalized by Selçuk Yöntem.
    (mp3 : http://www.selcukyontem.com/siirniye/iyidusunun.mp3)

    Did you have a nice year?
    Have you ever been grateful for having your health?
    Did you wake up in the daylight this year?
    How many times did you look at the sunrise?
    How many people did you buy a gift without reason?
    How often did you stroke a cat in the morning?
    Did a new born baby grap your fingers this year?
    And did you smell him?
    Were you surprised about how many stars are in the sky on summer nights?
    How many toys did you buy yourself this year?
    How many times did you laugh this year until tears were streaming from your eyes?
    Did you embrace an old tree this year?
    Did you lie down on the grass?
    Did you sing a song from your childhood?
    Did you skip a stone across water?
    How many times did you feed the birds?
    Did you smell a flower on a branch?
    How many rainbows did you see this year?
    Or the light in a child’s eyes receiving a gift?
    How many times did you receive a letter this year?
    Did you call an old friend?
    Did you make peace with someone this year?
    How many times did you recognize that you are actually happy?
    Did you think about that a good year is depending on small items like these ones?
    Lie down on the grass…hurry up…
    Sooner or later…the grass will lie down on you…

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