‘Heaven on Earth or Jesus Christ in the heart of men’ – Karl von Eckartshausen

In the Christian calendar, January 6, is the time of the Epiphany, the visit of the Magi to baby Jesus. They were kings, wise men who came from faraway and who saw in Jesus’s birth the fulfillment of their time and the coming of another. Jesus Christ is the forerunner  and the  restorer of  the return of the golden age we lost. Wise man Karl von Eckartshausen share with us this amazing vision of this golden age to come:

Published as an Appendice
to the ‘Cloud over the Sanctuary’
Les Amities Spirituelles,
Paris,1979 edition.

Freely translated from the French version.
Lord have mercy !

” The World will not be happy
until he will possess in him Jesus Christ.
Then, felicity will rule on earth,
peace and prosperity will be shared by all.

What is Jesus Christ?

He is Love, Wisdom, Power;

he is the source of the pure enclines
that lead to internal illumination!
Where he dwells lies man’s dignity,
the bliss of the purified heart;
Only he burdens himself to the yoke
that maintains us deeply in misery.
There where his Spirit rules in the heart,
sorrow and pain disapear;
all the days spent with him are days of spring,
all the hours elapsed,
hours of delights.

The princes that rules on his behalf have no equal,
Love only is their kingdom.

Let’s try a sketch
of the blessing that will be over us,
when mankind in its whole,
united by Love,
will dwell in His Temple:

The princes will be the fathers of their people;
the priests will be their doctors;
and to Him only, the Great Savior of Humanity,
we will be owning this happines.

All those who were avoiding each others,
Or were hating each other,
the Jew and the gentile,
the powerful and the pauper,
all those who are currently in discord,
will live in mutual harmony.

Remedies will be prepared
for the convalescence of the sick;
and a fraternal tenderness
will look after the poor.
The hungry will be fed,
the unhappy will find support.
The foreigner will receive hospitality.
The widow is not crying anymore,
the orphan is not desolate anymore;
all satisfied, as God is taking care of all.

The Spirit and Truth
are dwelling in the Temple;
the altar rites are celebrated
by the heart as much as the mouth,
and the Divinity’s sacred seal
vouches for the dignity of the priest.
Wisdom is the supreme jewel of the terrestrial diadems;
Love rules in the Sanctuary
and heavennizes the world.

No more sacrifices of our brothers
on bloody scafolds ;
we are the branches of a same tree
and all need each other.
Surgeons who empirically
used to cut out into our limbs,
nowadays put all their wisdom
to preserve the bodies
like if it were theirs.

Ah ! What do i see?
What a foreign joy
to my heart of flesh:

Christian and Jews,
Muslims and Pagans
are walking together,
hands in hands!

The wolf and the lamb
are pacing in the meadow;
the child plays with the viper;
struggling natures
are reconcilled by Love.

And you, pilgrim in search
for your port of call,
just a few steps on the path and,
then, you will gaze back !

Already, little by little,
the Veil of the internal sanctuary is falling.
Look how the bats and the owl
flee before the sun rise;
how error, night and prejudices
gather back into the shadows ‘s dwelling !

The new Earth is starting;
the new century is near:

The Spirit of Jesus Christ says:

‘ Let it be !’
and already it is truly !

It is here; it seems that we can see it…
But no-It must stay invisible,
until the Veil falls for good.

Then only, no revolution
will threaten Earth anymore:
Him, the Nations Desired one,
the Lord, is near.

Eventhough the spirit of shadows
would lead myriads of men
to slaughters each other,
he would have to flee,
as victory is promised to Love !

God uses foreign weapons
when his people forget him completly;
Sin, the source of all evil,
becomes the punisment of sin !

However, let one drop of tears
fall from the eyes of the siner,
the painful stage changes,
because his Father is approaching !

One is ruling all;
One is conducting all
by the intentions of His Wisdom.

Few of those who fight for Him
dont even know that themselves.

Many have known only
what fall to the sight of the senses.
When the Veil will be lifted,
what astonishment for the world!

Then, proud philosophers,
you will walk away
in confusion from Him,
in whom the wise hope,
Him who is their light and bliss.
Reason that you divinize
is only a simple light of the senses:
He who is climbing the stairs of Babel,
cannot reach truth.
Your work will be anhilated
by He who disperse the sand
into the wind:

All error will have to be eclipsed
in front of the majesty of Faith ! ”

Original German version:


French version :


Eckartshausen Magnus Opus in French:


In English:


Information about Karl von Eckartshausen:


Illustration, the ‘ Adoration of the Magi’,

is a painting from Gentile da Fabriano:


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