A ‘Message+Rediscovered’ Sampler on PRAYER


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We do not tell you not to pray, not to praise, not to rest and not to act. We tell you to efface yourselves more and more and let God pray, praise, rest and act in you, so that you float in his constructive joy instead of foundering in your powerless sadness.

M+R, XXII, 68

Let us pull and push in the direction of God and never in our personal direction, and everything shall go exactly as we wish, without hindrance and even with amazing ease, for the all powerful hand acts for us, and we only have to follow it humbly instead of opposing it conceitedly.

M+R, XXII, 68′

We shall name our hope with faith against all contrary appearances and against all opposing reason, thus eliminating the doubt and fear that kills the soul.

M+R, XVII, 20′

Let us practice daily acts of faith, naming the desired thing in a holy way until it is accomplished before our eyes.

M+R, XVII,21′

Sobriety, simplicity and charity are the three doctors of the body, the mind and the soul, but divine love is the only remedy for the sickness of our exiled lives

M+R, XVII, 25

By eliminating the doubt of reason through the constant exercise of faith in action, we shall not only manage to disregard contrary appearances, but even to modify them miraculously.

M+R, XVII, 25′

We should act with an absurd faith in wakefulness until we act in the same way in dreams; then unity shall be accomplished in us.

M+R, XVII, 26

O, miraculous Lord, open our hearts to your holy dew and come and live in us once more in the primary splendor; if not, we are lost forever and no-one shall feel sorry for us in our disconsolate lament here below.

” Wash us, rain of the heavens, and sow us, glorious sun!”

M+R, XIX.66′

We must persevere in our quest up to the end with blind confidence, for he who has once spoken to the Lord in his heart is no longer ever abandoned or solitary in this world.


Holy laziness is what makes us attentive and free to the word of God, and holy ignorance is what makes us transparent and receptive to his ray of life.

M+R, XXVI, 3′

Intimate frequenting of the Lord removes all timidity from us and makes our faith effective and our love miraculous; it is that which gives us the necessary and that showers us with the superfluous, so that we are the living witnesses of the blessing of the all Powerful One.

M+R, XVI,56

When we are tormented, let us pray for him who torments us. When we are fulfilled, let us praise the Generous One, but when we are abandoned, let us humbly draw up the inventory of our nakedness and our uselessness, and let us strive to re-establish contact by meditation of the holy books.

M+R, XVI, 56′

Let’s wake up with the Book so as to begin our day with a salutary thought.
Let’s us move around with the noble tool so as to work usefully in between our futile occupations. Let’s us fall asleep with the message so as to have it before our eyes on the day of judgment.

M+R, XV, 65

All shall see God’s judgment. – Many shall live off the truth of the Unique One. – A small number shall live in the heart of the Lord. -Some shall contemplate the secrets work of the Perfect One.-But how many shall know the mystery of the origins and of ends that makes the eternity of eternities?

M+R, XV, 65′

The bird charmer does not seize any of them, and that is why they all come to him without fear. Likewise, the sage apprehends no-one, and that is why everyone confides in him without distrust.


The sage begins his work, but let nature accomplish it in his place, thus, he works while resting, and everything works out for him effortlessly, for he obstruct nothing.

M+R, XXIII, 63‘

Not a thought, not a look, not a gesture for evil; thus, it will not take shape and life in us nor around us, and if it appears due to the effect of the ancient fault, we shall think the good, we shall see the good, we shall name the good and we shall accomplish the good, so that the light of life invades us and subsists alone in us and around us.

M+R, XX, 35

Let us tie the good words around our neck and live with them until they have entered us.

First, let us rely on the lord’s Providence, then let us work in a holy way so to give body to his transforming blessings.

‘ Who shall eat the word issued from heaven and earth so as to possess the life that does not perish?”

M+R, XX, 35′

When we know how to remain absent from ourselves to the point at which God can fill us entirely, all will be possible to us without efforts and without difficulty.

M+R, XIII, 33

When we have pacified and clarified the inside, the outside shall obey us in the same way and shall seem equally lucid to us.

M+R, XIII, 33′

We shall search for the work of the Highest like a curious thing and like a game without importance. Then we shall study the work of the Unique One with a scholarly assurance and with a sharpened awareness. Finally we shall be caught in the trap of the Perfect One without knowing how it happened, and we shall be just as likely to be calling for help in the mysterious darkness as savoring the repose of his divine love.

M+R, XV, 69

We shall no longer cry from desperation and suffering, we shall cry for joy and recognition, and yet this will be the same water and the same salt; but the heart will have opened under the shower of the Lord, and the spirit will have been lit up by the miracle of God

M+R, XV, 69′

‘ God manifests himself to man when he is desired, loved and recognized by the later, in the silence of union: ” It is there where the void of the spirit engenders the plenitude of the soul.”

M+R, VIII, 58

‘ Let us reject all that is complicated and all that is uncomfortable so as not to multiply the temptations that takes us away from the Unique one.’

M+R, VIII, 58′

‘ All the waves of creation pass and disappear, but the sea of the great world and he who gives life to it subsists eternally. ” the climax of repose ends in the creative act, the climax of movement leads to regenerative repose”.

M+R, XIII, 28‘

‘ Water emerges from earth and return to earth and returns to earth until the white flower blooms and until the purple fruit ripens. ‘

M+R, II, 60‘

’ Man, sown in the world, cannot germinate without the aid of grace and love that have remained free’.

M+R, VI, 52

‘Who shall set free the springs of water?
Who shall make the holy earth germinate?
Who shall harvest the Lord’s Providence? ‘

M+R, VI, 52‘

-Teach us the vigorous prayers like the ruts of love.
-Give us the impulse that shall carry our souls beyond the abyss.
-Sing us the NAME that forces open the gates of death.
-Nourish us with the essence dragged along by the living gold.
-Offer us the redemptive sun of our lives gone ashtray.

M+R, XIII, 16

When our reason, will and intelligence are annihilated by the length and by the violence of our quest, then innocence, grace and love shall hand over the long desired secret of the unique Splendor.

”Oh poor idiots !” it is enough to remain silent and stop being restless for the Perfect One to give life to you once more in your primary perfection.

M+R, XIII, 16′

When we are mortally sad without knowing why, it is because we empty ourselves of the things of the world and do not fill ourselves with those of God. Indeed, that which is full of world resist God due to its dead weight, and that which is full of God resist the world due to its living weight, while that which is empty of world and of God finds itself unbearably crushed between heaven and earth, which then come together without blessing or fertilization.

M+R, XXII, 54

When we have reached the light of the Unique One, all those who have desires shall see them accomplished and swim in the plenitude of God. But those who do not have desires shall see God, shall enter God, and God shall penetrate them, and they shall repose in the void of God, which is the hub of God’s plenitude. But that is reserved for a small number of chosen ones, who possess the oil of love and of knowledge.

M+R, XXII, 54′

Prayer and Praise that ascend towards God fall back on us in multiplied blessings, just as the good thoughts that we send to the living and the departed, return to us in the form of unexpected gifts.

M+R XIX.36′

 * * *

Prayer is a demand, Praise is a gratitude. We start with prayer; that means by asking, as long a we are in the dark and that we are ignorant; but we praise, that is we are thankful, when start to be instructed.

It is only by knowing what we have received, that we can praise for this gift.

Louis Cattiaux said that there are 3 degrees:
First, The prayer for asking
Second, the prayer of praise
Third, Silence

Silence is maybe the most elevated degree of union with God. We should practice ourselves praising in saying thank you to God, even without knowing why. It is the praise of a confident child and a condition for receiving. This praise is a good mean to obtain what we want secretly; it is in some sort like an intuitive knowledge, as Paracelse would say : ” You would not be looking for me if you wouldn’t have already found me”.


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