Variations of the Souls / Ruhların Farklı Var Olma Halleri


Some Souls … / Bazı Ruhlar…

… find their soulmates and walk on this way together. / … ruh ikizlerini bulur ve bu yolda birlikte yürürler. (“Die Heiterkeit”)

In January we have posted a wonderful piece of Nasafi on our Blog’s category “Spiritual Masters” about the journeys of the soul

Linked to this article we would like to share our understanding of variations of the souls with a visual description. Enjoy! 

Drawings: Quint Buchholz.

* * *

Ocak ayında Nesefi’nin harikulade bir yazısını yayımlamıştık, Bloğumuzun “Spiritüel Ustalar” kategorisinde. Konu Ruhun Yolculukları idi. 

Söz konusu yazıyla bağlantılı olarak ruhların farklı var olma hallerini görsel bir tasvir ile paylaşmak istiyoruz. Keyifli okumalar dileriz

Resimler: Quint Buchholz.

* * *

 Some Souls … / Bazı Ruhlar …


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3 Responses to Variations of the Souls / Ruhların Farklı Var Olma Halleri

  1. This is very interesting. Excellent pictures. There are illustrations of what the sufis mean when they are talking about ‘maqam’, stations, I feel…interestingly this word is also used to describe a particular scale in music, a mode actually, more like a raga. So it is a certain way of seeing which includes some things and not others, we might say, like when playing music in a certain mode you only play certain notes, and express a certain feeling, each maqam has its own character. This is helpful I think if you look at these pictures, since some of them show people (souls) staying still, and some souls with a certain way of moving. We can change, though…this is not a fixed thing. I think this is important to remember. We may tend towards one way of being for some reason, which we might understand as some effect of our earlier life (nurture) or some inclination in our character or even past life issue (nature)..but if we are willing to change and see things in a new way, it can happen. This is ‘fana’…the making-nothing, annihilation, of our idea of our self. How many times this can happen, we get into some idea, or you might say illusion, and then are disillusioned…(we think of this as a negative thing, but if it is really an illusion, it must be good to have it taken away!) thus there is a unique progress made and unfolding story, at least, for those souls who have that willingness to change.

  2. oops, that should say ‘they are illustrations’ at the top, not ‘there are’..

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