A brief Abstract of the Sublime Consideration and deep understanding of the ‘Mysterium Magnum’

Dear Friends, with this transcription coming as an appendice to our original English translation of Jacob Boehme’s ‘ Mysterium Magnum’ made in 1656 by John Ellistone for John Sparrow and which is a commentary and exegese of Moses ‘s book of Genesis, we continue our publication of amazing material, where all  is where it should be, for you to grasp and fathom. Bon Appetit !

Jacob Boehme-Theosophia Revelata-Gichtel ed-1715

Showing how the visible World is a stream and Reflection of the Divine Knowledge and Will: And how the life of Every Creatures has taken its original; and how the Divine going in and out, as to the creatures, is.

 1. Every sensible and perceptible Life and Substance is come Ex Mysterio Magno, from the Great Mystery, as from the stream and reflection of Divine knowledge, in which two things are to be understood, viz. the Free Will of the Abyss, and the Substantial One in the Will, and how these two are a reflection of the Abyss, viz. a ground of the Divine Manifestation, also how they are two, and yet but one, out of which, Time and the visible World, and all Creatures did flow forth, and are become a Creation.

 2. The only One is the Cause of the Will, that causes the will that it wills somewhat, and though it had nothing that  it can will, but only it self for a ground and place of its own self (or I-hood). It has nothing that it can apprehend or take hold of, but the One; it comprehends it self in self, that the will may have somewhat wherein and wherewith it works, which working would not be a visible substance, if it did not go forth through its willing.

3. Therefore now the going forth is a Spirit of the Invisible Will and Substance, and a Manifestation of the Abyss through the ground of the Unity: Through which going forth, the Will of the Abyss, reflects the Abyss, as a Mystery of Omniscience, with which going forth, the cause and  original of all Separability of the Unity of the Abyssal Will, through it own ground, of its comprehended selfhood, is understood, also the Eternal beginning of Motion and cause of Life: Which Motion, is a perpetual longing of the Will; for the will thus discerns the Unity through the motion, how the Unity through the motion of will stands in infinite multiplicity, in that manner and way, as the Mind is a unity and wellspring or fountain of thoughts and senses (perceptions), whence such a Deep of Multiplicity springs out of that mind, as are Innumerable.

4. By this three-fold unity, we conceive and understand the Substance of God, viz. By the unity we conceive the one only God, by the Will, the Father, and by the impression and compression of the will for a place of self, viz. by the Eternal somewhat that works or wherewith the will works; we conceive the Spirit of the Will and of the Power, and by the reflection is understood the Wisdom and understanding, out of which all wonders and substances have flowen forth, and do Eternally flow forth.

5. From the Motion of this Invisible working Substance, out of the flowing forth of the Eternal Knowledge, is flowen forth the Understanding, whereby the longing discerns, and brings it self into a desire of Imagination, in which desire, the natural and creaturely Ground of Every Life and Substance do exist, wherein the Desire has comprised and included, the flowing forth of knowledge, in properties, whence two wills exists, viz. one from the Divine Science or Knowledge, the other from the property of Nature, wherein the properties have introduced themselves into a self-will, and imprinted themselves with self and their own will and made themselves rough, sharp, thorny and hard, so that from such  properties are proceeded out of the knowledge, Opposition and Enmity against such properties; as is to be seen by the properties of the Devil, as also by the crude and indigested Earth, Stones and other Creatures, how the  properties, have turned themselves away from the Unity, and are proceeded into an impression;  for which cause in the time of this world, they must stand in this impression, till the Day of Restoration.

6. Seeing then the Mind of Man, is especially to be considered by us, which is an Image or Resemblance of the Reflection of Divine Knowledge, as a Reflection of the Divine and Natural Understanding, wherein lies the Ground of all Substances in the One, and manifests and makes it self distinct with the going forth of the Will from the Mind, so that we clearly perceive that the Mind is a wellspring to Good and Evil, and the Scripture intimates thus much to us; that the Fall and perdition, is arisen from the desire to the self of properties, therefore it is most highly necessary for us, to learn to understand, how we may come again out from the assumed selfhood, wherein we have pain necessity and Torment, into the Unity, viz. into the Ground and fountain of the Mind, wherein the mind may rest in its Eternal Ground.

7. Nothing can rest in it self, except it goes again into that One, out of which it is proceeded; the Mind had turned it self away from the Unity, into the self-desire of perception, to try the separability or variety of the properties, whereby separability and opposition is arisen in it, which now rule the Mind, and it cannot be released from that, unless it forsake it self in the desire of the properties, and plunge it self again into the meerest stillness, and desire to be silent to its willing, so that the will de-merse bath and step it self beyond all senses and Imagination into the eternal will and Abyss, out of which it is arisen in the beginning  ex Mysterio Magno, from the Great Mystery, that it will no more, in it self, but what God wills through it, and then it is in the deepest Ground of the Unity; and if then it can but a little while stand therein without moving of self-desire, the will of the Abyss speaks into it from the Divine Motion, and apprehends its resigned will, as its own, into it self, and brings into it the Ens of the Eternal incomprehensibility, of the place or city of God, viz. the Essential Substantial One.

8. And now the will of the Eternal Deity, goes forth Eternally through the Eternal Spirit, and makes a reflection of the Abyss, so also the resigned will of the mind is always together brought forth and Enlightened with the divine incomprehensibility, with God’s will: And thus the humane Mind rules in the Will of God, in divine skill and knowledge, through, and above all things; concerning which Moses says: ‘ He should rule over all the creatures of the world, as God’s Spirit goes through all things, and proves all things, so may the enlightened Mind also rule over and through all the properties of the Natural Life, and overpower the properties, and bring the highest perception out of the divine knowledge into Reason; as Saint Paul says:’ The Spirit searches all things, even in the Depths of the Deity and with this introduction of the divine will, Man is again united with God, and the new-born in the Mind, and begins to dye to self, false and wicked desire, and to be born with new power and vertue’.

9. And so then self cleaved to him in the flesh, but with the Mind his conversation is in God, and in the old Man a New spiritual Man of divine thoughts, will and senses, is borne, who daily kills the Lust of the Flesh, and through divine power makes the world, viz. the outward Life Heaven, and makes Heaven, viz. the inwards spiritual world to be the visible world, so that God becomes Man, and Man God, till the Tree comes to its highest pitch, and has born its fruits ex Mysterio Magno, out of the Great Mystery, out of the divine Science, and the outward shell and husk falls of, and then there stands a spiritual Tree of Life in the Field of  God.

‘The Tree of Life’, from ‘ Menschwerdung Jesus Christi’, 1730 ed.


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