An Orphic Fragment – ‘To Zeus’/ Orfik Gelenekten Bir Fragman – ‘Zeus’a’

From a 1893 French mythology textbook. Engraving by P. Sellier.



‘Zeus is the first, Zeus is the last with his immaculate lightning.

‘Zeus is the head, Zeus is the middle, and from Zeus all is accomplished.

Zeus is the foundation of the earth and the starry heaven.

Zeus is male, Zeus is an immortal nymph.

Zeus is the breath of everything, Zeus is the surge of the tireless fire.

Zeus is the root of the sea, Zeus is the first-born of all.

Because, after having hidden them again in his joyful light,

He made them ascend in his sacred heart, producing concern.’



Zeus est le premier, Zeus est le dernier avec sa foudre blanche.

Zeus est la tête, Zeus est le milieu, et de Zeus tout est accompli.

Zeus est le fondement de la terre et du ciel étoilé.

Zeus est mâle, Zeus est nymphe immortelle.

Zeus est le souffle de tout, Zeus est l’élan du feu infatigable.

Zeus est la racine de la mer, Zeus est le soleil et la lune.

Zeus est roi, Zeus est le prince premier-né de tous.

Car après les avoir tous recachés dans la lumière très joyeuse,

Il les fit monter de son cœur sacré, produisant des soucis.

Translated from the original Greek

by Athanase Lynxe

From the 1666 edition of the Chymica Vannus.



Kusursuz yıldırımıyla Zeus ilk ve Zeus sondur.

Zeus baş, Zeus orta ve Zeus her şeyi tamamlayandır. 

Zeus dünyanın ve yıldızlı cennetin temelidir.

Zeus erildir, Zeus ölümsüz bir peridir.

Zeus her şeyin nefesidir, Zeus yorulmayan ateşin dalgalanmasıdır.

Zeus denizin dibi, Zeus her şeyin ilk doğanıdır. Onları neşeli ışığında tekrar gizledikten sonra kutsal kalbinde yükseltti, endişe yarattı.’


Original Greek



Fragment found

in Delisle de Sales’

‘De la Philosophie Naturelle’,

T. VI. Page 388.

Quoted to be

from Aristotle’s

‘Letter to Alexander’,

chap . art. 1.

Athanase Lynxe tells us that

this fragment can also be found

in Kern’s work:

’Orphicorum fragmenta’,

page 91.

From Libavius’ ‘Syntagmatis’-T.2.


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